Worldwise, Inc.

Project Info

Client Worldwise, Inc.
Skills Brand Strategy, Messaging, Website Design, Copywriting

Project Description

Challenge: Maker of sustainable pet products wanted to move from a product-driven to a brand-driven platform, prior to sale of the firm.

Solution: We articulated the brand’s story and created 4 websites (for 3 sub-brands and a retail partner), highlighting the emotional relationships between people and their pets.

This eco-friendly pet product manufacturer enjoyed success through sales in pet stores, and through its private label programs at retail. Our articulation of an authentic brand story allowed us to position the products within clear, logical categories and to present them with the kind of emotional energy that propels consumers who love their pets.

After 3 independent but related websites were created, we then crafted a fourth site for Walmart—one of the brand’s important retail partners—who was implementing internal sustainability regulations to support its sale of eco-friendly products.

Green Ideals helped us define our ‘brand story’ and why it matters, providing an invaluable foundation—not just in the creation of our successful website but for all other brand-related communications.

Christina Gray, Marketing Communications Manager
Worldwise, Inc.