About Us

This studio was born from a desire to do well by doing good.

Our Leadership

After more than 20 years in business, brand strategist and marketing professional Susan Bierzychudek decided to do something more worthwhile. She founded Green Ideals in 2004 to help propel brands that are doing good in the world.

We earned our credentials the hard way—through decades of project work for Fortune 500 brands, including Kraft, Sara Lee, PepsiCo, FritoLay, Guinness, Clorox and HP… to name just a few.

Our deeply experienced team of 6 players is led by Green Ideals founder and Managing Director Susan Bierzychudek. She guides brand strategy, provides art direction and the kind of responsive, detailed project management you may find addictive.

Our Team

Our staff comes together in customized project teams, ensuring an optimal combination of skills for a great result. Everyone on the team shares a passion for work that’s of value to the world: work that can help to make a positive difference in the way people think, live, work and play. Our small, strategic teams avoid unnecessary overhead and costly extras. So you get world-class talent and experience for your strategic and creative work, with the kind of proactive, insightful project management and idea generation you probably assumed was beyond your budget.


Our Work

Our methods are a direct result of our values: we believe in a stimulating and happy process and a brilliant result. Typically, we end up forging long-lasting relationships with clients who are more than merely satisfied. Now, that’s what we call successful.

We’re a full-service marketing and communication design agency that delivers on both strategic and tactical levels. Our goal with every project is to create compelling messages in words and pictures that move people. We’ll tell your story in a way that will touch hearts and sway minds, clearly communicating the shared values your customers care about. Our messages will get under the skin of your audience, propelling positive expectations about your brand. This will distinguish you from your competitors, helping people to realize that yourbrand is their brand of choice.

Our Methods

Each project begins with a strategic discovery process, through which we determine your unique brand story and voice. Exploration into your audience demographics informs our creative team about exactly how to express that story for maximum impact. Then we create the materials that will be most effective, ensuring complete consistency at every point of audience contact. After all, that’s the way we teach people what to expect from us.

We specialize in:

  • brand strategy
  • collateral design
  • naming
  • tagline development
  • logo design
  • copywriting
  • corporate ID
  • advertising campaigns
  • website design
  • marketing plans
  • exhibit graphics
  • media planning
  • photography
  • illustration
  • traditional/social media
  • packaging graphics

Our Location

We’re a Marin-based, digitally connected staff with a strict “on site only as needed” policy that promotes telecommuting. (It seems we were ahead of our time on that idea.) Our teleconference meetings save client resources, reserving your valuable budget for a higher purpose than our overhead costs.

Client Testimonials