Valley Clean Energy

Challenge: Yolo County and most of its major towns had just launched a new CCA. Awareness and loyalty levels were low, and...
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Desert Community Energy

Challenge: Three cities in the Coachella Valley in California had formed a CCE that needed branding, messaging, a website, and enrollment materials...
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Evolution Bamboo

Challenge: Start-up with unique, high-end products that lacked effective presentation and messaging Solution: Our brand transformation began from the ground up, creating...
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Common Good Foods

Challenge: Start-up with high quality organic products and values, but no formal certification Solution: We developed visible and subliminal expressions of ethical...
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Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association

Challenge: SF-based electric vehicle non-profit wanted to drive attendance for its annual “Drive Electric” event—part of a national campaign Solution: We focused on communicating...
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Environmental Forum of Marin

Challenge: Non-profit with flagging membership and faded awareness levels, but a vital environmental mission Solution: We created an infusion of visual energy...
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