Our Process

We start by establishing a strong strategic foundation. Where we go from there depends entirely on you.

Whether you’re b2b or b2c, in the market for a full communication program make-over, a moderate branding facelift or hourly consulting for mild course correction, our work will be customized to your exact needs—nothing more, nothing less.

Our clients include mission-driven firms large and small, established companies with sustainability themes, community choice energy programs, consumer products or service companies, and the occasional clean tech or energy start-up. Their common denominator is a triple bottom line—the pursuit of environmental sustainability for people and the planet, at a profit.

While each project is unique to its circumstances, our process usually includes these steps:

discover | material and emotional drivers

Research to discover/rediscover the heartbeat of the organization, current position and audience, category-relevant competitors, best practices within the category, authentic brand values; positioning workshops; stakeholder interviews

define | brand strategy

Idea generation to augment and support initial goals; analysis of what we’ve learned; creation of a foundational brand platform and creative strategy

design | creative exploration

Develop an optimal approach and design options, based on multiple creative concepts; explore image, type, color and effective communication metaphors; select the most successful direction; revise, refine, and fine-tune

develop | extension across platforms

Translate and extend to related media pieces and systems; modify and expand for maximum value and effectiveness; ensure consistency at every point of brand contact; develop marketing/media plans

deliver | finalization

Edit, refine, proof to ensure correctness and completion; identify contractor partnerships for cost-effective implementation; create digital files for flawless production; implement through all channels; manage production processes for optimal results